Let's Get Reading

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

So if you guys know me, you know I'm an avid writer, and what goes hand in hand with writing is reading... right?

Ironically for the last year that's not been the case for me, I've really struggled with reading. I think it's mainly because I have been so invested in my own writing, and I wanted to ensure no distractions, no comparisons, nothing to halt my imagination. But now as I have found myself going through a writing block, I started turning to reading again and I'm questioning to why I ever stopped.

I have been reminded of why reading is such a valuable thing, and already can see such a change in myself, and my emotions, and well-being in the last couple of days.  So this post is on why I believe you should try to read at least 3 times a week

  1. It does help with your writing - Believe it or not. I was always very against this idea, as I felt reading made me compare my writing, doubt my writing, feel sad about writing. But honestly it has the other effect, it refreshes your mind, it draws inspiration from deep crevices that were hiding in your brain, and it educates you. It works in the same way music influences musicians, and paintings influence painters.
  2. Helps you sleep - Reading before bed is a better way to calm down and relax from your working day than going on your phone or watching a film.
  3. Calming - Reading a book is perfect to calm and relax your mind, shutting you out from the outside world. 
  4. It's fun!- At the end of the day reading is a form of entertainment, it's fun escaping to another world, learning things, educating yourself. It's great fun. Addictive fun. Once you look in those pages, you are somewhere different, even if you are sitting on the train, in coffee shops, cuddled in your bed, you could be fighting dragons or flying over mountains.
  5. Shut off from technology- In this day and age it's hard, almost impossible to find yourself shut off from social media and technology, and reading does just that. It's important to shut away for just ten minutes, it really clears your mind. 
Anyway, those are my reasons. I'm currently reading Girl In Pieces at the moment, but I would love to know any books you have read, please comment them down below, and don't forget to follow us on bloglovin, it'd mean a lot :) 



  1. I've started to read at night before bed as well, as I found it helps to shut social media out and focus on sleep hahaha. I'm glad you've had inspiration and I'm looking forward to reading your books once they've been published and in a bookstore!!!

  2. I completely agree. I've been brought up in my family to love books, and I do. I usually read before going to sleep and it really helps me get to sleep better (despite finding it very difficult to sleep most days).I do wish I could read more though. But with homework and school, It's hard to find the time sometimes. Thanks Amelia! xx

  3. I really enjoy reading and I find it incredibly relaxing, especially when I am anxious or stressed! I have just finished reading twho books: 'The Lost And The Found' by Cat Clarke (which is AMAZING!) And also, 'A Quiet Kind Of Thunder' by Sarah Barnard (which is also AMAZING!) I would highly recommend both these books! -K x

  4. I needed more motivation to read - I am rubbish, maybe this is just the post I was looking for.
    Em (thetwentyyears.co.uk)

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