Lets Be Honest

Sunday, 2 April 2017

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It's another post, another time I get you guys to ask me questions on Instagram, another opportunity I let you guys get to know the Amelia you don't see on our YouTube channel. I'm going, to be honest with these questions guys. No holding back.

Let's do this.
Do you ever plan on dying your whole hair a an unnatural colour, if so when?
Yas queen. I wanna dye it white/pale pastel purple. And very soon hopefully

What's the one thing that never fails to make you happy?
Being with my friends. Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's that. Or my family. Friends and family are my rock.

Do you have a Boyfriend?
Hm. Good question. I mean, I have friends that are boys? So....yes?

What's your 'type'?
Toasted bagels with lots of butter and some marmite. My type every single time

How do you rock natural hair?
I'm just too lazy to do anything else, so I don't give people a choice but to see my natural hair. On another note. I'm on a train writing this and the guy opposite me keeps coughing, help me

Current fav song?
Summer of '69, even if I have been singing the lyrics wrong for my whole existence.

Are you ever going to release your books?
If dreams come true

Can we be friends? 
I thought we were friends?

That's all for now, short but sweet. Comment so more down below and I'll be sure to answer. Also, don't forget to follow our blog



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  2. Lol that part about the guy on the train... that is like the most annoying thing. At orchestra, I sit next to a guy who keeps sniffling the whole time and it drives me crazy.
    insta: @katrina.loves.piano

  3. did you listen to redzer?

  4. What is your favourite Green Day song??

  5. How come you are so amazing? It's amazing!

  6. do you like the film Love, Rosie?? btw your music taste is flawless, i love your spotify!!!


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