It's Okay To Feel Lost.

Friday, 21 April 2017

We've probably all experienced that stomach sinking feeling when your younger, the world is your oyster, you still haven't been here long so exploring and taking everything is key.So here you are in the supermarket, having a great time. But then you explore for that little bit too long because as you turn around you see your Mum is no longer positioned where she is. You've lost your Mum. You're running along the aisles tears streaming down your face, as strangers pass you. You've lost your Mum, you've lost her.

Well, sometimes life, in general, can feel like you're young again and you've lost your Mum at the supermarket. And when you feel like this, you notice you're lost, you notice you feel helpless, you panic. You start to overthink, compare yourself, you worry. But I've eventually come to realize that feeling lost is normal.  I promise you.

It's okay to feel lost.

I have felt this very way recently, and it's an awful feeling. But what is important to remember that we did end up finding our Mum at the supermarket again, and we will feel less lost in life again too. In these moments when you feel like you are wandering but not quite sure what direction to take, my advice is to focus on what you do have. Your friends. Your family. Your hobbies. Your passions. Your favourite food. Your favourite show, Your favourite music.  And talk to someone, because sharing to someone that you feel lost, well they might help you feel found. But if you're wondering around on your own, it makes it that extra bit harder. Sharing your problems with people really do help.

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  1. I'm feeling lost for a long time now eventhough I have great friends and stuff. It's really weird lol

  2. I'm feeling that now and I'm that big older than you and Grace. I have amazing friends that I couldn't bare to lose but sometimes it feels like I'm an island just floating in an ocean and waiting to crash into something. Thank you for those words and yes I've lost my mum in the supermarket too and, when you're little, it's the worst feeling ever.

  3. Thanks for this, Amelia. I'm feeling like that now, and wandering around on your own at a time like this IS the toughest. But your advice is good. Thanks.

  4. Thinking about what you wrote on lost. Some of what I'm writing relates to it and some might not. Lost can be when you are in a relationship, and it ends because of trust issues. While the relationship is working, or you feel it's working, all is great and you have an anchor in life. The anchor is your confidents that you can do more than normal, and still feel safe, being someone is there, a trust. When your trust is broken, like the chain that ties a boat to its anchor, your ship will go adrift. Death of a parent causes this too, because a trust is broken here also. When a parent dies, your support, your origins, your original trust is gone, and you have to find a replacement to catch you when you fall.

    So, in a way, lost is just losing something that makes you feel secure in life.

    Recently, I was working with one of the next stages of lost…hopelessness. When you finally push pass lost, and move on to life without hope. This is when too many people have let you down and connecting with someone just generate fear. Fear from the broken trust, and further pain and hurt associated with it. The moment in life when you don’t know who you can trust, and open up to.

    Hopelessness, can be a spot in life when you wonder if life is truly worth it. Being betrayed by so many people, because when the relationship ended from lack of trust, you don’t know which of your friends stood by, watched it unfold and did nothing. Oddly enough, this on the edge of life or death makes you think about stuff that you never thought about normally.

    An example, being suicidal, and wish you were died are not the same. The biggest difference is suicidal, is like the last stage before an action. Wishing you were died, is more of, “I want the pain to stop.” The reason death get confused with this, has to do with, when you died, all pain stops. While have these thoughts bounce around for a while, I came across something. Choosing to live, and choosing to die, has nothing to do with breathing or being dead. Living is a proactive concept, dying is basically do nothing. Procrastination is a concept associated to dying. Being passive-aggressive can be too. Allowing yourself to be a victim, like staying in a bad relationship, because you feel you don’t deserve better. Low self-esteem can be a dying concept. Living on the other hand, is to doing things in life, making plans, preventing harm to self. Prevent harm to self, can be not being self-injurious. Self-injurious can be from cutting yourself to eating ice cream because your depressed. They both can release a chemical that makes you feel better.

    Anyways, the wrap up, getting too far lost, can end in hopelessness. And choosing to dying, has nothing to do with suicide, it’s just allowing your life to fall apart, so you have an excuse. If I’m not mistaking, the advice you have is similar to the “do the opposite”. Like when your depressed, instead of laying down and allowing the depression to control you, you go out and do something. It’s more like the longer you choose to be lost, the more lost you become. If you choose to be found, then someone will help find you.

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