Tuesday, 14 February 2017

 sisters, goals, how to, how to get, tips, money, subscribers, grace, amelia, how to get, 100k subscibers, lol, balloons
sisters, goals, how to, how to get, tips, money, subscribers, grace, amelia, how to get, 100k subscibers, lol, balloons
sisters, goals, how to, how to get, tips, money, subscribers, grace, amelia, how to get, 100k subscibers, lol, balloons

Okay. I won't lie. I'm not totally sure on this answer. But somehow I feel like I should know the answer to this because our youtube channel has now hit 100k subscribers. Which IS nuts. Absolutely freaking nuts for us. Honestly. Can we stop and chat about this? Because it's crazy. I know to some 100k may not be a big deal, but for the Mandevilles it's hella big.  I had to sit down and just think about how many people 100k is, and I realised's quite a lot.
It's nearly double the amount the of people in emirates stadium
It's five times the amount of people in the O2 stadium
It's ten thousand over the people in Wembley stadium
And it's the amount subscribed to us right now.

Honestly, we probably don't say it enough, but every single one of you guys means so much to us, and all the opportunities we have got, the people we have met, and the things we have done, have all been because of you. And I want to say a thank you. We have had our ups and downs with youtube, but it's been one of the best things we have ever done.

And to throw it back to the question of this post. How do you get 100k subscribers? Well, I personally don't think there is a set step by step guide, because honestly I probably am just as shocked as you that we have 100k. And every channel is different, but her our tips. They apply to everyone creating youtube but could also apply to people aiming for 100k subscribers too.

  • Don't focus on numbers, because sometimes you can get so absorbed in the stats rather than the content
  • Produce the content YOU want to create. I mean that is the beauty of youtube isn't it?
  • Enjoy it
  • Have fun
  • And have passion
I know they are pretty brief, but that is quite literally what we've done youtube. And maybe that's how we've got there? Who knows? Anyway if you're not one of the subscribers make sure you subscribe. And if you are subscribed how about a cheeky follow on our bloglovin

speak soon guys


P.S- Also the balloons were so hard to pose with, and they also made it look like the word 'look' rather than 100k...opps.


  1. Very well done! You completely deserve 100k (if not more :) )

  2. Congratulations! You girls are the best ♡

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  4. Well done on 100k!! I have been watching your videos for over 2 years now and I can say that your YouTube channel is by far my favourite. Your relationship reminds me of the relationship I have with my sister and when I watch your videos, I can relate to almost everything that you both disagree on because it is likely that me and my sister at some point have disagreed on it. You both have had a very positive impact on my life and the lives of others watching your videos so thank you both for making videos for us to watch every week. I can assure you they are very enjoyable to watch. I hope you get more recognition for your videos in the future.❤

    1. ah this comment is so so lovely! Thank you so much <3


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