Wednesday, 4 January 2017

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Where will it take us this time? I have no clue. If I follow my resolutions, I might learn to drive, I might be a lot better at saving this year, I might be a lot fitter, I might get less stressed at little things, I might stop going to Starbucks so much, I might but who knows? Even if I don't stick to my resolutions I can't dwell on it. I will try my hardest for sure, but my point is that life is unpredictable, that sometimes it's almost impossible to plan it, impossible to make yourself into a certain person and make yourself do certain things. You can try, of course you can, but things might swerve and even if they do, it doesn't always mean its a bad thing.

I say this because my 2016 wasn't what I expected. Wasn't really what I planned, its good moments, bad moments, but it was bloody unpredictable. I didn't expect I would have gone to Florida with some of my closest friends. I didn't think that I would get a job for MTV.  I didn't know I would go to premieres. I didn't know I would lose my festival virginity. I didn't know we would work with the amazing charity Stand Up To Cancer.  I wasn't planning on make so many new friends over the summer who I hope to have made for life. I never thought I would present at the palladium. I didn't know I would be in an online advert, and I didn't expect to get so stressed. But either way, 2016 was one unpredictable but memorable one and I'm thankful I shared so much of it with my sister. So happy new year everyone, it's 2017.



  1. Needed this ... I've been stressing about this year like will it be as bad as last year ... But there's some stuff that I just can't control so I've just gotta go with the flow a bit more so thank you xx

  2. For all its good and bad, I'm so glad 2016 is over and I hope 2017 is more predictable for me than last year was!


    1. Look into this year with a positive start!! <3


  3. It sounds like you had an incredible year, and being open to what comes in 2017 is probably the best attitude to have! Wishing you all the best for it!

    Inma x

  4. You have a great personality - brave and creative. I really like that photo shoot with orange paint. Sisterhood rules, that is totally true. Thank you for sharing.