Star Wars Premeire

Monday, 4 January 2016


Okay, so you may have read by the title, yep, we went to the Star Wars Premiere. We went to the Star Wars Premiere. WE WENT TO THE STAR WARS PREMIERE. What? How? I know I'm still just as shocked as you. So let's start from the start.

At the end of November Disney got in touch with Grace and ask if she'd take part in a Star Wars Fashion Show that was also raising money for a charity. Basically the costumes the models were wearing would be auctioned off as they were one of a kind and specially made for this Star Wars themed show - and that money would then go to Charity.  Grace represented Open Bionics who you might know as she has worked with them in the past. So Grace was wearing a bionic hand in this show and even though she was the shortest (because she's not an actual model) in my opinion she definitely stood out, because no one else had a moving hand. I was and still am super proud of her.

Anyway, the event was very strict on numbers so I couldn't get any tickets to see her, but I did see Grace in the background of a daily mail article. And then I see Grace with a photo of her and Daisy Ridley just casually chatting together. You know. Casual. CASUAL. I was just slightly envious. Maybe a bit more than slightly actually.

*Grace told me to add here that she looks weird because this was after the show and she had half changed out of her makeup and costume.. so it's an interesting look* BUT STILL! 

After the fashion show Grace got on a train and went to Paris for her Birthday and that was that. Awesome experience. Then the lovely team from Disney came back a couple weeks later and asked Grace if she'd like to go to the Premiere. And of course Grace said uhmmmmm.... YES - and she took me as her plus one (I knew there was benefit to having a sister hehehe). No but I'm seriously thankful. I always get invited to cool things because of Grace so I keep telling her one day I'll be the one inviting her to cool things. Yeah....uhm....One day.

So we were so excited to go to premiere, we had drinks before hand with the lovely Disney team and other companies. I unsuccessfully managed to eat a canapé without making a mess and then we headed off to the red carpet. Which was insane for two reasons, insane because it's freaking Star Wars and insane because it was so soooo busy. It was hard to get pictures because it was so busy, and people were calling this and that. But here are some. We tried guys. We really tried.

As you can see Grace wore one of her cool arms, because if you can't wear an arm to a Star Wars premiere.. where can you? There was even a few camera men that asked for her photo, they clearly didn't know who she was but thought she looked cool. I have to admit she did. And then as we were walking into the cinema, The Years&Years where just casually there and started chatting to Grace about her arm. You they do. They were such lovely guys! It took me a while to work out that they weren't just friendly strangers. Then I fan girled majorly, but when do I not fan girl?

I also tried to get a (failed) selfie with Simon Pegg

We  met Emma J Shipley at the drinks before hand. She is an amazing designer, who had designed her own Star Wars dress. Check her out, she does lovely items. (I kind of had a girl crush on her. I want blue and silver hair!!)

Okay now for the film. The film filled me with so much nostalgia. Simply just from the opening credits, the music, and the typical transitions they use. It reminded me of my childhood, watching Star Wars with my cousins.  And the film itself WAS AMAZING. It had so much promise and expectation and completely succeeded to that. It had emotion, comedy, and a lot of beautiful action. I like my action. When it ended the cinema had so much more atmosphere than any premiere me and Grace have gone to before. Everyone clapped and cheered for ages, and it was just wonderful. We were all smiling as  all our inner children had been set free.

I always come out of events like this with a particular feeling, An amazing rush of excitement, and  I suddenly feel very inspired. I feel like I have extra burst of enthusiasm to do what I want to do in life. I think it's when you hear the interviews with the actors and they give such encouraging but amazing words, especially when John Boygea said "I'm a boy from Peckham and I'm in a Star Wars movie." And that triggered a cord in me. Never give up people. Never.

He also said as he stood on the stage in the biggest premiere in the UK at Leicester Square. "I remember walking back and forth this very spot in Leicester Square a lot because I used to go for a lot of auditions in Spotlight round the corner. And now I'm here." That also struck another cord to me because Grace had her very first ever audition there. It was when she auditioned for Sparticle Mystery aged 14, I remember going along with her and naively dressing kind of crazy and even doing 'Princess Leia,' style buns in my hair (isn't that ironic?) in the hope I'd stand out and catch the casting directors eye and they'd cast me in their next film. Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying can you?

Can I make a point that I didn't have a agent at this point and I wasn't auditioning, but I had so much hope because 'spotlight is wear all the actors get the good jobs.' Ah bless. But that moment really stands out to me now.  I don't think either of us thought Grace was actually going to get it let alone film 3 series of the show. And even I've had an audition in spotlight a couple of years later (Clearly I didn't get it but you never know where these little moments can lead to). You never know how different next year might be to last year. How different next week might be to last week. How different tomorrow might be to today. You just got to keep going.

But anyway to end this post, I ended up feeling super inspired and positive. About my novels I write, about becoming an author, about doing this youtube thing with Grace, about Grace still being awesome and doing her acting and modelling thing. It was good all round. And I can say I went to the premiere of the biggest movie ever.  I will be able to say that for years. Freaking Star Wars. So thanks Disney for inviting us. And thanks Grace for letting me tag along.

This was a bit more of a longer, and chatty blog post. If you'd like me to do more of these 'day out' type posts please let me know. Speak soon!



  1. Really great read! Really inspired me to carry on pursuing my dreams, because they'll never happen if you give up :)

  2. I'd love you to do more of the 'day out posts'. You girls are so lucky to be able to go to some amazing places! This post made me inspired too and it made me want to go out and do stuff. What I like to think is that impossible is really just the word for something you don't want to do, or can't be bothered. So don't let anything become impossible Amelia!

    1. Ah awesome! I'll start taking my camera out on more days out! <3 Thank you so much!

  3. Nice dress and suit :)
    Maria V.

  4. Your blogs are quite inspirational������congrats