J'aime Paris

Sunday, 6 December 2015

It's my birthday and I could cry if I want to.
A few weeks ago my friends and I decided it was about time that we visited Rachel who is studying in Paris for a year, and after a long in depth decision (a WhatsApp group conversation that nobody replied to properly because everybody else's life is evidently way more busy than mine) we eventually decided that we should go for my birthday. 
- I mean lets drag out my 21st for as long as possible, right?

So, we got together on the weekend commencing the 26th November (though I arrived late because I did this crazy fashion show for StarWars) and spent the next few days reenacting the Parisian lifestyle -More like a British Tourist adaptation.

Oh also, here's a picture of my good old school friends and I in Paris, we shall pretend that you are not aware of how Candid this photo is- to be honest this picture genuinely does represent the trip pretty damn well so I feel like it's all ok, LOTS OF LAUGHS.
Shoutout to Flavia for taking the photo.
I wasn't actually planning on writing a blogpost about my trip to Paris, but after spamming Instagram with my #ParisPics it became apparent that everyone was shocked towards my decision to still go after the recent attacks.
I suppose my way of thinking was and still is that you can't live your life tip toeing around the bad people in the world, and although you should be careful and wary when travelling around (even you're own home town) - You still need to live your life and do what you enjoy.

^^^This isn't me intending to write a motivational speech by the way^^^
I just wanted to explain why I decided to still go ahead with the trip.
Also referring to the person who commented "You obviously don't worship you're life" - to you, kind person, my reasoning is actually the exact opposite. 
[Above photo by my lovely friend Ella]
So there are some photos and words about my birthday in Paris, it was such a lovely way to spend my 21st birthday and I can't wait to go back again (probably when it's a bit warmer because Oh My Gosh was it cold). 
Whilst writing this post I suddenly thought about doing one on what I got for my birthday, if you'd be interested in that please let me know in the comments below and I shall speak to you soon :) -G,x

P.S Thankyou so much for all the birthday messages.


  1. I loved your photos. You're completely right about the attacks, you should enjoy yourself instead of hiding, after all, you only turn 21 once...
    Thank you for a lovely post and...:

  2. I absolutely love your blog it is inspiring to read. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check out my post on it, found on my blog :) xx
    Congratulation you deserve it 

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