Grace's 21st Feast

Thursday, 17 December 2015

So on the 28th of November Grace turned 21 which is apparently a big deal. 
It's probably makes more sense of it being a big deal in America because you can drink and go into clubs where as in England you could do all those things three years ago. Though us English still like to follow tradition seeing as it signifies being a "proper" adult and all that.
Hahaha Grace! 
(However that's me in 2 years, so maybe I shouldn't get too cocky too soon).

Anyway Grace was in Paris for her Birthday as you may of seen. So we celebrated her Birthday a day later when she came back on Sunday. 
It was sort of a surprise. 
Lots of family came round, and we bought all of Grace's favourite food, it really was a lovely day. I was planning on taking lots of photos but I got distracted (sometime when you get a camera out people start to feel a bit nervous or fake a smile so I put it away) but I took lots of food pictures.
- because food is so photogenic sometimes. 
So I thought I'd share some pictures on this post.

I feel so hungry now, so I'm going to make something and end the post here. Speak soon