Expensive Taste Syndrome.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to reading haul style blogposts; I love finding new designers, I'm very nosey and I love exploring someone else's style.
So, I was going to do one for you, I mean it makes sense seeing as I read them all the time (literally), but I kind of have this problem where practically everything I love is way too expensive for me to buy- I like to call this 'Expensive Taste Syndrome'.
Basically instead of buying the items, I've come up with the items I would by if I had an unlimited money tree. Think of this as an internet style window shop, laid out for you in a cute little blogpost. 
I genuinely found this so fun and I might actually make this into a monthly thing- If you like it that is, (so please do let me know by commenting below). Above are the items that I love right now, below that are the cute little links and please let me know what your dream items are? :) -G,x


  1. Love the clothes you chose! I would love to have this corduroy dungarees:
    And this jumper:

    Loved you're post!

    1. Ok, so I was going to buy those Dungarees (or some that look similar) in Urban Outfitters yesterday, but then Amelia reminded me that I already had quite a few pairs... so I didn't.. BUT High five to that!! YES! -G,x

    2. You should have bought them! High five back!!!

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