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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

So as you guys know, in our family we are trying to improve our diet by having less sugar, as well as trying to cut down on our dairy intake. Recently I've been trying to search for healthy snacks and this has became quite hard.

That's why I was really interested in this brand called FlowBox. What they do is send you boxes full of healthy snacks, but they have different boxes for your different needs, and you can choose what length of subscription you would like too.
My first impression on receiving it was great-because there was so much in it. I had the Maxi Classic FlowBox, which included 9 different types of products. This is quite a lot for a food brand, and for a subscription box- from my experience with subscription boxes, the products and the sizes are usually quite limited.

So what was in my box?

Before I started digging into the products itself we had quite a few beautiful decorated cards inside. One was a whole list of the products, and their descriptions in more detail with their RRP. It also listed weather each product was vegan, or organic, or gluten free. I thought this was a lovely touch, especially helpful for those with allergies. Then there was also some other cards that contained certain information on some of the products, some with recipes. My favourite was the different juice recipes as I LIVE FOR JUICES! But I just love little random touches like that.

Now to the products:

  • Just Nuts- We got an apple and cinnamon bar, that I quickly shovelled into my mouth, because Oh My God, it was so good! Good for your body, and good for your taste buds too.
  • Elements for life- We got a brownie that was called Yummy Scrumy, and the name pretty much sums it up. It was like eating something that was unhealthy, but it turned out to be good for you? Mmmm, I'm hungry just thinking about it. I won't lie me and Grace may of had a little argument over who would get the last slice. 
  • Balm Balm- I'm a big fan of bath oil and so this was an instant win! It smells absolutely beautiful, I am yet to try this one out- but am looking forward to it.
  • Morgiel- So i've never heard of these before, which made me super excited to try them. But basically they are amaranth biscuits (super good source of sustainable energy and nutrient rich) And the biscuits are sweetened with molasses and honey.
  • Planet Organic- I'm a huge fan of Planet Organic, so when we were given raw granola bars, excitement was released.
  • Pure Vida- So basically this raw bread, which is something that I've never tried before. But defiantly will have again, and because it was so dense it was a lot more filling than normal bread. Also super delicious with almond butter yum yum.
  • Nothing But- This essentially is crisps but without anything bad. SO no guilt as you munch on freeze dried Beetroots and parsnips. 
  • Esti- This is olive spread that comes from olives blended with oregano. It's so perfect on crackers, and a late evening snack.
  • The Berry Company- Did I mention earlier how I love juice? Well you can guess I was excited to try goji berry juice, and we all know how good they are for you, but what's more is that it's then blended with pressed passion fruit. Mmmmmm

So that was what I got. I really enjoyed flow box and I love the healthy aspect. I'm pro health! If you guys know any other subscriptions boxes that I should try out, please let me know!!

Speak soon

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  1. Hey Amelia! So, I've also heard of Nature Box as being great for getting healthy snacks. I think Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley have tried them. :)