Watch Me

Saturday, 31 January 2015

So this post is about watches because I've never realised how amazing they are. I won't lie I'm one of those people who always used to use her phone for the time and wasn't exactly the best at telling the time on an analog watch. But I've finally realised the beauty of watches, not only do you get a stunning accessory on your wrist, there is also something much more elegant and classic in looking at a watch for the time, rather than a digital numbers on a flashing screen.
So Grace and I got a watch each, by the brand called Slow Watch.  The concept of the watch, (and why we like them so much) is that it only has one hand showing the 24hr time. The benefit of this is that it allows you to see your entire day in one view, changing the way you look at your watch and the progression of the day. It's such a unique and fresh design that I feel more people should experience. It is pretty hard to explain how lovely this concept it, or how it works of such -and I was a little confused when Grace showed me them at first online, but now I don't think I'd wear any other watch but this one again. 


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