Praktik invited us to Barcelona

Friday, 12 December 2014

Recently we were invited by Praktik to stay in 3 of their lovely boutique hotels and explore the beautiful city of Barcelona. We had an amazing time shopping, eating lots and lots of delicious food, and most importantly exploring the alley ways and roads leading to absolutely beautiful architecture of the town (you can watch our whole trip to Barcelona here).

The first hotel we stayed in was Praktik Rambla, this hotel is perfect for those who want to be in the busy centre of Barcelona near the strip of resturants and lively atmosphere, but at the same time is wonderful for those that love architecture and history. This hotel really does have the most beautiful hand painted tiles and mosaics, incredibly detailed wall engravings and the highest of ceilings- it's like sleeping in a work of art. I think it was the extra touches that definitely made this the ideal hotel in the city, the coffee machine that was free to use 24/7, followed by the library and the outside lounging area- which had the COOLEST painted floor, and not to forget the incredible doors that looked like they were 1000's of years old! 
Next, Praktik Vinoteca, this was the hotel all focused on wine. It was only a few minutes walk from Praktik Rambla however the location was completely different. I personally (Grace), felt that when walking around the streets surrounding this hotel the area felt far less touristy, and maybe more realistically cultural- does that make sense? However I know Amelia felt like there was less to do surrounding it- though this was definitely not a problem as it was literally a 5-10 minute walk to the main shopping strip filled with restaurants and museums. I'd also like to add that not only do you get a free glass of wine on arrival- Win! But we also had the most incredible view out of our balcony window! 
Oh, Praktik Bakery- you fulfilled our highest of expectations. This was our final hotel, and what a lovely hotel this was, most importantly because it had a Bakery attached to the hotel- how cool right? I'd also like to add that this was the best bakery we had been to in the whole of Barcelona (maybe slightly more expensive, but so worth it). Now the bakery is also open to the public, which some may think is odd as it may be busy and over crowded, but it had such a lovely atmosphere and vibe to it- there was always a seat free. As for the rooms, they were lovely (the rooms were lovely, bright, and pretty much perfect in every Praktik hotel)  but our  most favourite thing was the shower, never had a more luxurious shower- living the high life!! :) 
So there we go, that is what both myself and Amelia thought of Praktik's three boutique hotels in Barcelona, if you ever think of going I highly recommend doing exactly what we did and staying in 3 different hotels as you literally get to explore the whole area, and to be completely honest Praktik were wonderful to stay with when doing this- please comment below with any questions, and have a lovely day/evening/life


  1. Another great post you guys! I loved the video also, just wanted to ask how you came across this opportunity? :) Sharon x

    1. Via the wonderful world of twitter :) however I believe I saw Praktik hotels actually looking for bloggers recently? might be worth a look- Thanks :) -G,x

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