Christmas Energy Bites

Monday, 8 December 2014


So Christmas is basically around the corner, safe to say I'm incredibly excited! The thing about Christmas is that there is a lot of chocolate, cake, sweets, and delicious but unhealthy stuff.
So I decided to create a christmas twist on a healthy snack. These are energy balls, that are made of fine rich whole foods that will satisfy your hunger cravings, and provide a quick boost of healthy energy. So if you ever feel guilty for having your christmas treats, these will make you feel amazing and do absolutely  amazing things for your body.
So ingredients?
The great thing is, you can be quite experimental with it,  you can change and add it to the taste you prefer, also you can use whatever nuts you want. In the end I added a bit more cinnamon and all spice and added some dried cranberries to make it even more festive, finishing with desicated coconut to give it that snowy wintery appeal. 
But the main base of ingredients to follow from is
-1 cup of dates 
-2/3 cup hazelnuts 
-2/3 cup almonds
-1 tablespoon of pea protein powder (optional)
-1 tablespoon of cocnut oil 
-1 tablespoon of chia seeds
-1 tablespoon of cocao powder
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon 
-1 teaspoon of all spice
 I used an ordinary mug to measure the cup ingredients

Then you blend it in a food processor, untill it's sticky, if it's not sticky enough, add more dates, or more cocnut oil, you can even put in some almond butter. Once it's sticky roll into balls into the size of your hand then roll it into coconut (optional) then put in the fridge to chill, then eat your heart out!

Hope you enjoy them!



  1. I will most definitely be making and eating those beauties :)