Tiger Stripes

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Yes this is the subject of Tiger Stripes, or as most people call them -stretch marks. I recently tweeted "I've decided my stretch marks are tiger stripes, which is actually pretty awesome" and I got some responses that were slightly confused-how could a little person like me have stretch marks? I feel like I should probably let you guys know that slim people get them too. Trust me! I never used to have stretch marks, but now I have  quite a few, and its something I have been incredibly conscious of.

Why do we have stretch marks?
We have them because we grow, weather its lengthwise, or width wise, or a certain part of your body. If you haven't grown in any way and you are noticing lots of stretch marks, it might be a another condition and you should check it with your GP. Anyway as you grow your skin stretches, but sometimes the middle layer of skin breaks in places, which then means the deeper layers are shown through, causing the striping pattern.

I think being self conscious is a horrible thing, and too many people are conscious of the person they are, as am I sometimes. But what is important to know, is that we are living our life, not someone else's. We are living in our body, not someone else's. Which is a good thing. For example I can now look at my stretch marks and its a reminder that I have grown. I used to hate being the girl who was tiny and skinny, I had no bum, I had no boobs, I was about 4 foot nothing. I looked fine, but in my eyes I hated it. But now I can look back, and think maybe I have grown more than I thought.

 The best thing to do in life, is take something negative and turn it around. We are all different for a reason! Can you imagine if everyone was the same, how boring would that be? How about if everyone had stretch marks, would you been thinking about them negatively then? Probably not. We should stand proud of our Tiger Stripes, it makes us unique: just like Tigers. You only have one life, and you deserve to spend it happily, not sad, ashamed, or conscious.

I'm not saying you can't use things to try and fade them away, because you can. Just don't see them negatively and don't let them get you down. One thing that tends to be really good is bio-oil, it smells lovely as well!

Speak soon guys!



  1. Thank you Amelia! You're an inspiration x

  2. Lovely post! Were you skinny?? You have the perfect body now! I sometimes feel very self conscious about my size - I'm very slim, and it's not because I don't eat enough, it's just because...well....that's the way God made me, I guess. Love your blog! xoxo

  3. I loved this! I have them on the inside of my legs and hate them but reading this made me feel better! Thank you!

  4. Love this post! Your confidence is such an inspiration <3

  5. Congratulations for having a new bundle of joy in your lives! I love the tips you provided about stretch marks. They are really true for everyone, even for the guys and ladies who are working out. Everyone can be suscpetible to them. Anyway, thank you for sharing those amazing tips, as well as your own experiences! Wishing you and your family the best of health!

    Cordell Legaspi @ Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center

  6. What an inspiring post! Considering stretch marks as a proof of growing up is kinda absurd, but it’s also a way of telling us how optimistic you are. Anyway, it’s nice to know that you considered removing those marks, and thank you for suggesting an oil for your readers. Have a great day! :)

    Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders