Miss Patina, We Love You!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Miss Patina fashion vintage woods Grace Mandeville Sisters Amelia
Pembroke dress Grace Mandeville collar vintage woods red shoes school girl
Miss Patina coat tree darlington coat
I think it's no secret that myself (Grace) loves shirts, so of course when I find a shop that not only designs awesome patterned shirts, but also have beautifully detailed cuffs and collars, I'm going to instantly love them. But I can tell you that it is very (very, very, very) rare that Amelia likes the same clothes shop just as much as myself, hence why this deserves a blog post; You see they do not only  sell nice collared dresses, beautifully fitted shirts, but they also have awesome coats and jumpers (and jumpers are definitely more Amelias kind of thing). What is this wonderful shop called, you ask? Miss Patina :)

Teal Trinity College Shirt: Miss Patina
Silver Watch with Burgundy face: Casio/Asos
Go Nuts Jumper: Miss Patina 
Red School shoes: Topshop
Darlington Coat (Camel Check): Miss Patina
Grace's Black Jeans: American Apparel
Pembroke Dress: Miss Patina
Lace up Leather Boots: Doctor Martens
Amelia's Black Jeans: River Island