Autumn shoes.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

vintage brogues black and cream office shoes
vintage patterned style boots
black leather esska ankle boots smart clean
Shoes. You want comfort, you want them to look good, and at this time of the year you definitely want them to keep your feet both dry and warm. In my opinion that is all great, but the look has also got to be great, and Ive found 3 pairs of shoes that I believe can tick all of these things off, and Oh how I love them.

My first pair are my beautiful cream and black leather brogues from Office, I wear these a lot, they basically go with every outfit, and I really do believe that I will keep these forever. Somebody once told me that "If you buy a classic pair of shoes that you love, of which is great quality no matter the price, you will never regret it. They will last you for the whole of your life, for when you think you've worn them out, take them to a place where they do Shoe Repairs and for £10 the lifespan will last all over again- you have brand new shoes". For me I believe my Brogues will be those shoes. 

My Topshop vintage patterned style boots I have now had for 4 years. I just think they look so unique, they look great with my teal chord trousers, but yet they also look great with a plain burgundy skirt and grey tights. But for me, my favourite thing is that they can make any plain outfit look different and unique, so far I have worn these in the winter and in the pouring rain numerous of times, and they seem to have worn very well, though thick socks were needed as they are quite thinly designed.

This brings me to my new pair of Esska boots which have successfully followed my criteria for Autumnal shoes. Though I have only had these for about a month, so far I would say they are the comfiest of the three. I love pairing these boots with jeans, in fact I bought a pair of American Apparel jeans just to wear with these boots- usually it's the other way round! They just looks so clean and smart, plus they are leather on the inside too which keeps my feet lovely and warm for the Autumn! I really do love these ankle boots, and cannot wait to make another purchase from Esska (I also love the fact that they are a London-based footware brand).

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