Working In London

Monday, 18 August 2014

So Grace and I, now have a freelance job in London. I'm not going to lie, I love it! The fact I work in London is perfect- I love the atmosphere of London, the people, the different places, the energy. Also I love that we are on the move, in result exploring lots of areas and meeting lovely people, and filming!  Recently we spent an busy day working,  then after we had an interview and a meeting, which meant we were moving around everywhere. From a huge birdcage with a swing (in which my childish side came out), to the classic Big Ben and London Eye. We also got to visit some adorable independent cafes and juice shops- if you'd like a blog post on a place like that let us know. But overall I feel very privileged, busy, but privileged.

Speak soon guys



  1. Wow I'd love to be able to go to London right now, you're lucky!! And I know what you mean because I love going to a big city too. Everything happens to go so fast and you're surrunded by lots of different people... for me is one of the best feelings ever!!
    Lots of love from Spain <3

  2. You guys are so lucky! I've always wanted to go to London; or England at the least! I love big cities as well... I feel like people who live in big cities get so many more experiences than those who live in small towns (like me!) x

  3. So lucky of you guys to be able to work in London! Would love to go there sometime! Good luck with your job guys :)

    Deasy Tantra

  4. I absolutely love London as well. I just want to fly back there.
    That's so amazing that you guys are working in London. Looks like you're enjoying yourselves! xx

  5. Fab news! Hope you are enjoying your job :D