Trying A New Routine

Sunday, 24 August 2014

So recently I got sent some Aurelia Skincare 
I thought I'd try it out, see whats its like. But what would be more beneficial would to actually use it, take time and change my facial routine by adding the skincare in, and seeing the effects. I believe changing your skincare routine is important so that your face doesn't become too familiar but also that you stick with  trusted products, and don't change to often as your skin will get confused and become stressed.

So I was given the Refine &Polish Miracle Balm. This multi-use enzyme polish aims to transform and brighten dull rough and congested skin. It has beads to gently exfoliate and dislodge the skin cells. There is two ways you can use it, an instant exfoliator, or an enzyme mask. I decided to use it as  an mask twice a week. I applied the balm with dry fingers, and left it for 5 minutes, allowing the fruit enzymes to work. I then massaged upwards circular motions to circulate and exfoliate, eventually adding water where it transformed into a a gentle milk substance. I have to say, my skin was left feeling soft, replenished and less rough.

The second item I was given was Revitalise & Glow Serum- this stuff is like gold dust! Its won many awards, been raved about widely! I can understand why. I used this right before I went to bed and used two drops and applied it on my face in firm patting and sweeping motions. One thing I would like to comment on is the beautiful flowery fresh scent. In result I did feel like I had more rehydrated and radiant skin. It also is an age presentation fluid, which obviously in't my main worry at the moment being only 17, but is a lovely bonus.

I was really pleased with the result of these skincare and enjoyed trying them out

Speak soon



  1. oohhh… looks like a divine product! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. thanks for sharing your experience.
    I hardly ever use anything else than Nuxe, for me they do the trick:)
    Hope you had a great weekend
    e d i o t