Raw snacks

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

So we all like to snack, but the struggle is snacking and staying healthy on top of that. This is why Raw Health is perfect! They have snacks that are made with raw ingredients, so that what you are eating it's completely alive, full of enzymes,  and packed with power.

I was given some amazing snacks that are perfect for when you are feeling peckish. Here are my favourites:
-Flax Pumpkin Crackers: this is perfect for a savoury snack, on their own or with a nice spread
-Super Seed Spread: this is pure seed power and would be perfect on the pumpkin cracker
-Truly Juicy Bar, Date & Brazil Nut: made from the simplest and loveliest ingredients this bar is a perfect energy pick me up! So delicious!
-Tangy Apple and cinnamon Rolls: these have many individual ones in a packet so are perfect to snack on throughout the day, as well as a perfect sweet treat! The sunflower seeds give a lovely crunch!
-Raw Balls: I was given a selection, Lemon and Chia, Hemp Protein, and Spirulina Orange. These are perfect and I love to see them as 'energy balls'. Full of nourishment, which is great for your body!

The greatest thing is that as they are Raw, so they contain simple ingredients meaning they are vegan, gluten free, wheat free and organic! This opens so many doors for the people who have restricted diets. Raw snacking is the way forward people!

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  1. All these snacks look fantastic... and healthy! Also, your pictures are such good quality!
    - http://emilysbees.blogspot.com

  2. I really want to try all the snacks now, I just love Raw health snacks.


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