Watermelon Cooler

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

So recently it has been extremely hot, in Britian we are not the most familiar to this lovely vitamin D soaked weather. This means we enjoy it, strip, and spend everyday at the beach, but we can also struggle with the weather. This is why I have have a perfect drink that is hydrating, cool and refreshing. Also NO bad stuff, just all good good good!

This drink is made up of

  • Ice- To cool you down, and create the lovely slushy texture. Also hydrates your body too.
  • Watermelon- To hydrate, its a refreshing flavour, and full of vitamins! An added bonus is that it is great for your skin because is has vitamin A
  • Lime juice - Adds a pinch of flavour, it also is alkalising so restores your body's pH, and has many health benefits.
Its up to you the proportions you add -if you like it slushy add lots of ice, if your not keen on lime, only add a drop. I'd recommend to lightly crush your iccd with a fork before you put in the blender, than add your watermelon, and lime juice, and blend. It make take time for the ice to slush up, but the end result is amazing. I had my family begging me to make more. Its so refreshing, pop it in a glass, add a straw, and relax in the sun.

Feel free to experiment with it, I see food and drink as art. So you could add some honey if you have a sweet tooth, if you love fruit maybe add some frozen raspberries? Be creative and enjoy it! Let me know how you got on

Speak soon


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  1. Yum sounds good! I make something similar but more of an iced smoothie :) I use watermelon, raspberries, strawberries and ice (and a dash if lime) I really love things like this and I find it interesting what other people make <3