Mallow and Marsh

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

So we got sent a beautiful box, a box that was from Mallow and Marsh. Who are Mallow and Marsh? Well they are prefect if you want to sweeten your life a bit! We were given 12 beautiful individual marshmallows that introduced  us to a whole new world of marshmallows. They are simply amazing, the sweet taste, melt in your mouth fluffy texture, and the beautiful smell, are just a couple of the amazing components. They are great for a sweet treat, as they give you energy, they are low in fat and gluten free.

We were given 4 impressive flavours. 
-Peppermint and dark chocolate
-Roasted coconut

There is many ways you can purchase these beautiful marshmallows, from individual flavour packets, gift box, to bulk orders or hiring them for events. But me, I took my little box and went for a walk, chomping on them on the way- it was amazing. The fresh flavours with the nature, complimented each over perfectly

If you fancy a sweet treat these are definatley for you, so check out Mallow and Marsh

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  1. Hey Amelia,

    So i had originally wrote a paragraph but it deleted on me, so im going to give a summary of that last paragraph.

    I've fell in love recently with these teas they're completely organic and the company that makes these (Little Miracles) have started to produce what they call "Blogger Box" in this box you get "all 4 beautiful blends" these blends include green tea lemon grass tea and 2 others, but you're going to have to find out for yourself. ;)

    When Little Miracles posted an instagram of they're Blogger Box you and Grace immediately popped into my head. I will leave a link to this instagram below so you guys can checked it out for yourselves. I really hope you try these as they are AMAZING!


    Blogger Box Instagram post: