Staying with the actor

Monday, 2 June 2014

So as many of you know Grace has been away from the country, due to the reason that she is busy filming! I haven't seen her for more than a couple of days in months  so Grace suggested I come down for a week! So off I went to the airport and  made it on the plane, much to my surprise I actually found the right gate! I then flew over to Graces apartment (not literally).
Spending the week was nice as me and grace had chance to catch up with everything, and of course  spend some time shopping, shopping, oh and some more shopping.

The thing I really loved was going to the set, I loved the whole atmosphere, the people, even just chilling in the trailer was amazing for me. It made me super determined what I want to do as a career, and go home and work super hard! And at the same time I was super proud of Grace, I mean it's pretty awesome! 

I met some lovely people and had a great time, even if we did argue over who was stealing the covers. I was really happy and gratefull she let me stay. And that the people there put up with my craziness! Don't worry guys' I know I'm crazy!

This was just a short post on my week away.
Speak soon guys


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