Jumpsuits and Alphabets

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

So recently it has been beautiful weather and I have loved it!

I've been wearing my most loved piece of clothing- jumpsuits,  and due to many of you asking,  I thought I'd share with you my most favourite summer outfit. Its a patterned jumpsuit from Topshop, and I love the unique and boho feel to it. It makes me feel lovely! Me and Grace have the same one in fact (theres a funny story to that, that I will have to tell you one day)

There are two bags I love to match it up with, a take on a clutch style. These were both given to me by alphabet bags. They are a company who focus on beautiful canvas style bags with alphabetic features on them! I love them. I have an oversized clutch that would be perfect for travelling- it does say 'Bon Boyage'. I also have a smaller sized one that is more wearable for day to day activities, and the message is so uplifting (you look lovely today). I hope when I'm walking about on the street with my bag tucked under my hand, and people see that message, they smile! I want to spread positivity! They also gave me a phone case that has an A for Amelia on it. I love it! Its secure and does the job. And it stands for me. Its awesome.

You may notice that I am barefooted, and as its my perfect summer outfit, thats what I chose. Theres something about walking with bare feet that I love (as long as its not on stoney ground). It reminds me of summer and portrays the feeling that I'm walking along a beach in a hot country. I guess its my inner hippy vibe.

I chose the canvas bags to style with this as it complements the patterned jumpsuit without clashing with it, and its different than other bags, I'm all about wearing different stuff. I really recommend Alphabet bags guys! And I really recommend jumpsuits too.

Speak soon


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