Crude juice

Monday, 30 June 2014

Crude juice recently sent us both some lovely boxes of their juice and we were delighted!

What is crude juice?
A UK based independant company where they send Coldpress fresh juices to your door or business, so you can detox and make your bodies healthy! The wonderful thing about juice is that they look amazing, taste amazing as well as each one does different beautiful things to your bodies. From 'crude carrot ' which improves blood flow and is high in beta-carotene, to 'red roots' which is cancer preventing and anti oxidising. There is a big selection to choose from.

I believe with the hot weather, it also makes it so refreshing to your bodies and your mind. My personal favourite was the pineapple cooler, it's so delicious! Our bodies are so important and so special and that's why we need to treat them. So I really recommend detoxing your bodies and nourishing them, so check them out guys!


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  1. I love detox juices, you girls were lucky to get so many! I'd love to try them someday but for no I make them myself xxxx