Adventure To Isle Of Wight

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

So not long ago, I got a text from Darcy: "Wanna come on a road trip to Isle of Wight?"

Hell yeah! It was all last minute. But I love last minute stuff! They always turn out to be the best! So I found myself the next day jamming to music in Rodney (Louis' car) with Darcy, Louis and his lovely friend Ann-Marie. We then got on the ferry and tucked into lunch. We were pretty lucky as we had two minutes to spare, I'm not exaggerating, we drove onto the ferry and the doors shut behind us. Perfect timing.

So Isle of Wight is lovely, but I do admit I had confused myself a little. When Darcy said "Isle Of Wight" I presumed that was near the Lake District, so when she started talking about a ferry, I was shocked. I then convinced myself it was another country. I guess that's slightly logical? It's an island, so it means its a country too? Right? No.... This meant I was also shocked that you didn't need to bring a passport. All I can say is I wasn't that good at geography. It also led me to some embarrassing situations where I casually popped in "yeah this is a nice country" to some of the locals. Yeah....

We stayed with their family, who were absolutely lovely and I kept making their cousins  laugh. I think it was my stupidity? But I get that quite a lot. I need to go to brain camp. We also saw them in a play and they were amazing!

The rest of the trip consisted of a hot tub breakfast party, an adorable 3 legged cat, and a lovely beach trip. I LOVE the sea. Then we were on our way home. We also enjoyed a top deck BBQ on the ferry. It was good! I really enjoyed going away, I love going to different places, I love meeting new people. I think this is why I want to travel. I am really thankful that Louis and Darcy asked me to come, because it was great, and I felt like I needed a little time away.

It also made me so determined to drive too. Then soon I'll be road tripping the whole country!

Full credit to Darcy for saying I could use her photos, make sure to follow her

Speak soon guys



  1. looks fun!
    and your blog is so creative!
    would you like to follow each other?

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