Be happy and be positive :-)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

I have decided that life is precious and we should maximise our quality of life by being as positive and as happy as we can be. It all sounds a lot easier than it is, but here is a few ideas in how you can be feeling positive vibes and spreading them to others around you.

1. Everything happens for a reason
This isn't always true, and there is always negative situations, but if possible try take something good out of the negative. An example of this is- Earlier this year  I auditioned for an important part that would of made me do something that I have dreamed of, after getting a callback I didn't get it and was very sad for a while, but I now believe I wasn't supposed to get the part, maybe I'm not ready yet. Also If I got the part I wouldn't of gone to LA and LA was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had.

2. Note down the good things
Each time a tiny moment of good happens in your life, big or small, note it down. Even if it is "I had a nice coffee date" or "there was no traffic today" write it on your phone, diary, notepad- anything. If you are ever feeling down throughout the day look back and notice you have had a better day than you think. Small things make such a difference, and you should be happy about them.

3. Write
Writing for me puts me in a creative space where I can express myself, you should write if you feel down. Also If you have problems write them down so you can let them escape your head so your body can be happy, and you can try to work the problems out in a calmer manner.

4. Smile
Its believed a smile can make you happy, calm, and less stressed, even when you weren't feeling good. Even if this isn't true I believe a smile is a beautiful thing, its contagious, you smile at someone, chances are they will smile back. The fact you have made someone smile, is amazing and should be a good reason to make you feel happy

I'm sorry this was a long post, but I hope it helps :-)

Another tip from me? You guys make me happy!



  1. Hello you two! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please check out my blog to find out all that you need to know! Thank you so much for being amazing bloggers :D
    (p.s. I'm sorry it's such a long post but please do let me know what you think!)

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