Filming essentials

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We have been away for a long time but we are now going to balance youtube and blogging together-meaning weekly posts.
So lets start off with telling you our filming essentials

These are the lifesavers that we need every time we film a video:
-Storyboard pad-Perfect when we want to plan our storyboards and film out and about.

-Ideas pad-Given to us by tea India, and we fill it with our exciting youtube ideas.

- Manfrotto Tripod- A life saver compared to the storage boxes we used to balance our camera on, and in our opinion great value for money at only £28.

-Canon DSLR E05 1100D- Which we film most of our videos on.

-Sony 'vlogging camera' DSC-Wx300-For our out and about videos/photos- this is great because it allows us to send files straight to our phone/laptop from the camera.

-Mac Book Pro- With of course Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X on for Editing footage, images and sometimes sound.

Softbox- We use two softboxes in our videos for lighting although they were a little too big for the picture

We would love to know what you thought of our setup! Leave a comment below!


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