I was in the New York Times!!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Yep that is right, I was in The New York Times! Crazy right? 
Quite a few months ago a hugely talented lady, Sophie de Oliveira Barata contacted me with the most amazing opportunity- to be part of a project which would basically make me feel like a superior goddess type warrior!

Thanks to the Alternative Limb project and Rowena Vickerman I was not only given the chance to have this feather armour made for myself, but on top of that The New York Times then also wanted to photograph myself and this incredible work of art. 

Being born with one arm (a foreshortened right arm) I have never really seen the point of myself using a prosthetic arm (unless I am pranking somebody), purely because I found it never helped me do anything, it just got in the way, and when it came to people staring at my "half an arm" in public I really didn't care, and don't care- it's part of me, and if that makes me stand out and grab everyones attention, then i am more than happy with that! -I Like standing out! So basically the idea of myself wearing an arm that not only fits in with my favourite edgy look, and stands out awesomely - Is the best thing ever! 

I love the Alternative Limb Project, and The New York Times for giving Sophie and her work the attention it deserves (and asking myself to be in it) - Turning a unique foreshortened limb into something even cooler! - As the Paralympic Silver medal winner Stefanie McLeod Reid said "this will make you want to be an amputee" 

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  1. i really love ur blog and youtube channel!!! if u would have a look at my blog then that would mean the world to me xxxxx http://www.emmamartin961.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Can you follow my instagram @darklesdrawings please! :) Thanks!!

  3. You look stunning, what a great accomplishment being in the New York Times!!

  4. I really love your channel the mandeville sisters and i have watched the one where you do the video on the piece of art ! You look outstanding !!!!!

  5. That's so cool !!!! All the details !!!!

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