Drink Healthy.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Purdeys Rejuvenate Multi Vitamin Fruit Drink- what a mouthful that is. Ok so this is basically just a post of me devoting my love to this beautiful drink. I thought it was a new drink as I only recently discovered it in Waitrose, however according to a much loved heated discussion with my Dad- it's actually been around for a fair few years- and I can definitely see why!

It's a light energy drink which is natural, and basically good for you! It has a slightly milder fizz to it than RedBull which I definitely prefer- it's light and refreshing- and actually tastes better the next day once it's a little flat! It comes in a dark glass bottle which apparently is to keep all the vitamins and minerals protected from the light. it's available in Tesco's and Waitrose for about £1.50. One thing I will add is that some people who I have told about this beautiful drink have smelt it and turned away- for some reason some dislike the smell- so do not judge it by its smell, though I didn't think anything was wrong with the smell… maybe that's just me?

If it doesn't have any additives or E numbers and tastes good then it's sold to me, but this drink not only follows these guidelines but it had Oak Bark Extract too haha! - I don't really know what that is- but the Chinese use it with natural and herbal medicines, and I promise you it doesn't taste like Bark PROMISE!

Can you feel my love for this drink yet? You know those people who stock buy chocolate because they love a particular bar of chocolate that much? That's me with this item.

If you've tried it please let me know what you think about it?



  1. OMG yes I can share this obsession! it's amazing haha B&M Bargains sell it cheap!

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