Ombres Hair here we go.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

So lets start with saying before today I have never dyed my hair at all, in fact the most drastic change I have ever made to my hair in the past 18 years was cutting my fringe, and even then that was because I had to for an acting job (The Sparticle Mystery, Holly). 

So when wondering around boots today and actually buying The L'oreal Paris Red Colour Ombres Preference Brush on dip dye, I was just a tad nervous at how this was going to turn out- or if it was going to work at all. I bought this for £6.99 and it was completely worth it.
Applying it was easy peasy, I did exactly as followed, split my hair into two sections, mixed the formula, applied it to the plastic brush and brushed it through the ends of my hair thoroughly, Oh and I put on the supplied gloves (obviously, don't really want red hands). After brushing through it a few times I left it for 35 minutes as directed and washed it off. After conditioning it with the 'special' supplied formula, rinsing that off and drying my hair you can see above that this has definitely worked a dream. In fact I only used about 1/5th of the bottle of the dye and love it so much that I think I'm going to dye my hair a little bit higher up next time. It's a vibrant enough colour to show up, but not too bright that it makes my hair look 'tacky' or wig like - which is sometimes how I feel some hair can look (hence why I was so worried). 

I completely recommend this product for an Ombres or dip dye look that is easy to create and doesn't cost too much either- Trust me, it must be easy if I can do it!



  1. It looks really nice, I miss having colourful hair! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. Love your hair, it really suits you!
    Checked out your youtube too and subbed. Wish I got along with my sister so well!

  3. Wow I just love your ombre hair its beautiful! x

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