Moisturise those winter hands with L'occitane

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

With us now approaching winter, it's important to keep our hands moisturised, especially if you get dry hands all year round- like moi. Which is why I decided to tell you about L'occitane's 30ml hand creams.  
These small sized tubes are perfect to carry around in your hand bag, and even though they are small, you literally only need a pea size amount to moisturise both hands, so they do last, promise! I tried two different types, the first 'Rose Aurore' (the pink tube) and then second 'Subitle Violet' (the purple one).

Rose Aurore
This hand creme I actually bought in France this summer, purely because I know that it's not easy to find these small sized L'occitane hand creams, and so had to buy it there and then, however you can buy this online for £8. It's consistency is quite runny, almost a bit like a moisturising milk, and therefor soaks into your skin very quickly- great when your out and about shopping.
As for the smell, it's a lovely delicate rose fragrance, in fact it actually smells a bit like the rose macaroons me and Amelia had in france,- which is a very good thing in my opinion.

Subtile Violette
With this hand creme also being £8 in shops, you'll be amazed to hear that I got it for free when I bought Marie Claire's new magazine (which was £3.90).  The fragrance of this is a lot more subtle and reminds me a lot of the parma violet sweets- so it's probably a good job that it isn't too strong. The consistency of this is a lot thicker, and therefor it more suited for somebody with dry hands, and in need for a more intense moisturise. 



  1. Such pretty packaging! I can't wait to try them.
    April xx

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  3. Wonderful review! I'm gonna have to check it out!

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  6. I always wanted one of these hand creams, but they're so expensive! I want the one that is like the parma violet sweets ;)
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