I went shopping

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hey guys,
So this is my first time posting a blog post for you all- I hope it is worthy enough in comparison to Graces.Moving to college has been a big jump for me, yes the work is hard and stuff, but in real seriousness the struggle of finding an appropriate outfit and getting to the point where you are re-wearing clothes multiple times without making it too obvious is overwhelming. Okay maybe I am being a little OTT, but I had some how worn my whole wardrobe within the first month of college, someone take me back to school uniform!
So after getting my pay check this month- I thought a shopping trip was very much needed. After wondering around the whole of the shopping centre I ended up back into two of my favourite shops, Zara and Topshop- I swear I spend all my wages there! I absolutely loved the look of Topshops warm fluffy white jumper and had to buy it- it would look lovely paired with a buttoned up shirt, and surprisingly enough I also bought another jumper from Zara, slightly different to my usual clothing, with a bright quirky pattern (I actually wore this in our most recent youtube video). Finally to satisfy my everlasting hunger for animal print I bought a thin cotton Tshirt!

So I know you are probably thinking that I didn't actually spend that much- and to be honest you are correct, but that's because at heart I'm actually an online girl- ASOS' dream shopper, the idea of trying clothes on in the shop and searching through all those clothes for the correct size seems like so much effort- so this shopping trip for me was a HUGE success!

-A, x


  1. I loved your post, its cool to see a different take on a haul and it definitely lives up to your sisters :) Also I share your problem with re-wearing outfits to college mainly because of my terrible memory haha x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. great post, I really like the feel of Amelia in it, was afraid you would be too editorial with yourself. i rather like the onesie idea from your video. This year I have started wearing a school uniform. the jury is still out for me on the uniform. (convenience -vs- purve bait)

  3. Oh my, love your sweaters!!!!