I Got A Puppy, Meet Juno.

Monday, 8 January 2018

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Seeing as it's a whole new year, I thought it only made sense that I got a new puppy (i'm joking, i'm aware that a puppy isn't just for Christmas or celebrations and it is in fact for a long part of your life - before you all make that comment to me like my Uncle Robert already has). 

Anyway, yes, meet my beautiful red Labradoodle puppy named Juno: Wife of Jupiter, Daughter of Saturn and most importantly the title of my favourite film. She really is the cutest dog, a complete whimp, loves humans, has fallen in love with our bean bags in the living room and has puppy eyes to die for.  Really, I've never seen such big eyes on such a small dog before. 

labradoodle puppy red ginger australian lab labrador red head training blogger beauty blog fashion grace mandeville
labradoodle puppy red ginger australian lab labrador red head training blogger beauty blog fashion grace mandeville

There's a few things I've learnt since having a puppy, some things I wish I had known beforehand and some that I just thought may be of interest to you,  so here it goes. 

1. YOU WILL HAVE NO SLEEP. Well you might be lucky and get a puppy like my parents who sleeps peacefully through the night or you get a Juno who enjoys howling at 3am for 7 nights in a row. Safe to say I like my sleep, and I definitely struggled with this bit. Though I will add that she now sleeps peacefully and waiting it out worked well.

2. TOILET TRAINING CAN BREAK YOUR HEART. There is nothing more frustrating (well there probably is but I'm feeling dramatic right now) than when you think you've toilet trained your pup and then after the 20th perfectly placed poop your puppy randomly goes and plops one on the living room rug. Seriously, it made me so upset, I honestly felt like she was doing it on purpose to annoy me or something, though looking back I now realise it definitely was not her fault and my anger came from my sleep deprived self due to the 3am howling. 

3. YOU WILL TURN INTO A MUM. Oh My God the love I have for this little pup is crazy and let me tell you now, when another dog acts nastily towards Juno I am ready to use all my power to stand up for her, well until I snap out of over protective mode and realise that dogs growling at each other is completely normal, especially while they are jumping around and wagging their tales. 

And finally, she may be a pain in the butt sometimes, but having a puppy is pretty amazing. Now if you tell me she isn't beautiful you either dislike dogs a lot or you're not seeing clearly, so please lie for my sake and tell me she's beautiful because boy do I love her!! (not as much as you Ryan, don't you worry).


labradoodle puppy red ginger australian lab labrador red head training blogger beauty blog fashion grace mandeville

How To Pass Your Driving Test

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

So I passed my driving test. First time with one minor.

I'm just as shocked as you.

I think my exact words to the examiner on finding out were 'No! Shut up.'
Now the thing is, learning to drive is not an easy nor a cheap thing to do, so passing was incredibly overwhelming. Once I was back home, I convinced myself that I somehow got lucky. I wasn't actually ready to drive on my own, I can't drive on my own, I'm never going to do it. I got very nervous about it.  I basically just didn't want to go in my car. But then I was like, Nah, gal, snap out of it, If you put it off for too long, you'll get too nervous about it, and that will make it worse.

And so I went out, for a short ten-minute drive and since then my confidence has spiked and I enjoy driving a lot. Not too much of course. You still got to be safe guys. The roads are dangerous.

Anyway if you watch my video on learning to drive you would understand that it has been a long, stressful (and expensive process) so like I said earlier, passing was a very big deal to me. I was more excited that I wouldn't have to fork out any more money on driving lessons than anything else, but then again they do say having a car and driving is one of the most expensive things. So bye bye Amelia's ASOS deliveries. She has priorities now.

Anyone who plans to drive at some point in their life will have to take a driving test, and it honestly does seem like the scariest thing in the world, worst than going to the dentist may I ad, and you try to root your brain for some hidden answers to how you can pass your driving test but not actually take the test, well I hate to tell you, it's not actually possible. But it's ok, it actually will be ok. This is coming from someone who cried at the beginning of their test and SOMEHOW passed. No joke. Real story. Comment if you want me to do a video on it.

So, I'm going to give you guys the advice I wanted before I took my test, in order to help you pass your test.
  • Chew gum- Gum works for some people, helps them concentrate, helps them focus and fortunately I'm one of those people. When my driving instructor popped some chewing gum out of her handbag I looked at her like she was Father Christmas coming down the chimney. Thank you, Kim. Thank you.
  • Talk to yourself- If it helps. Talk to yourself. I said to my examiner that I might talk to my self and I think it was a good thing because it gave us a bit of a banter and helped my confidence. For example as I was coming towards a round about, I literally said to my self- mirror, indicate, position, slow down, gear, assess, one more look, go. And it helped me to avoid getting flustered and maybe it might have even helped because the examiner could see that I knew what I was doing. At the end of the day, they don't expect you to be perfect (I was certainly not perfect) But they expect you to have the initiative to be able to be safe, tackle situations on your own, and be independent. 
  • Be friendly to the examiner- I mean if they don't like you, they might not want to pass you. You don't know that for a fact, but don't get on their wrong side, just incase. Have your license ready, give them a smile, maybe talk to them now and then. (Don't get too distracted though)
  • Pretend your confident even if you're not - when my instructor told me we were going to do a left reverse, I smiled as if it was my favourite thing in the world....Lol. Also the day before and day of the test I took Kalms, a natural remedy that is supposed to calm you. Apparently, Rescue remedy works well. Just make sure you take it a couple days before to check it doesn't make you drowsy. I have no clue if it worked, but I ended up passing.
  • Don't worry if you do something a little wrong- In the independent driving test, I accidentally took us on our own little route, but I was aware of that and apologized. 
  • Remember it's not the end of the world if you fail- You'd rather be on the roads safe and able to drive than not safe and potentially cause an accident. There's not rush.
Anyway, this is a meaty post so I'm going to stop here. Let me know your driving test experiences and any tips down below.

Speak soon


5 things I learnt when buying a house

Friday, 4 August 2017

LIFE UPDATE: I've moved out and bought a house with Ryan. 

You probably already know this, and if you didn't then you definitely are not up to date on our videos *tut tut* - or you just prefer our blog to our videos and fair enough, I guess honesty is the right policy. So for the past 3-4 months Ryan and I went on the crazy adventure or finding a property, trying to get a mortgage, trying to get the property and successfully buy the mortgage. And boy wasn't it a journey. Here are 5 things I learnt, and I thought i'd share.

1. When you look around that property with an estate agent look everywhere, I mean inside those kitchen cupboards, inside that wardrobe, under that rug on the floor, inspect those floors because there is a huge chance that they are hiding something. I mean I don't blame the sellers, they want to sell there property without having to spend a tonne of money on the place so they hide the problem... but just make sure you don't feel guilty looking around a property properly. It doesn't matter that an estate agent is watching you, this a very expensive purchase and you have a right to inspect it! 

2. You haggle on that price. If you had the opportunity to try and make a little bit extra on your property by being cheeky and putting the selling price up higher just incase, you would, right? I know I would! So don't for a second assume that the asking price is what the property is worth, or what you should be buying it for. If you are buying with your partner discuss the maximum you are willing to pay, start lower than that and keep making higher offers gradually until they accept or you can't go any higher. It's very rare for your first offer (if lower than asking price) to be accepted, in fact I'd be worried if that was the case, as they must be desperate to get rid of that property.

3. Buy things gradually. If you can, buy things before you move into your property gradually to spread the cost out. Moving into a house can be expensive - especially if this is your first time moving out. TKMAXX and HomeSense is a great place to look for some great deals and always look online for the best price first before buying in a shop. You'd be amazed at the price difference's online to in a shop or vice versa, For instance when buying our television for some reason it was £50 cheaper in store than online - do that research. 

4. Sofa's take ages to deliver. Who knew a sofa could take up to 12 weeks to be delivered/ made? Certainly not me. Don't do a Grace Mandeville and decide that it doesn't matter if you don't have a sofa for 6 weeks when you've moved in - It does. Sitting on the floor or in bed for the next 6 weeks in the evenings is not fun. If you can, order the sofa as soon as possible or choose a sofa that doesn't take so long to be made and delivered. 

5. This is your property and nobody else's, So have fun, do what you want to it, and don't let anyone else be too interfering (unless you have an uncle thats a builder like me, he can be as interfering as he wants)