My Important Songs

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

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Music is something beautiful. Just listening to those notes can take you somewhere different, and totally transform you into a memory, a place or a person. And so this is why I created my tingle playlist. The songs that mean something to me. That just make me tingle. So this playlist, is a snippet of Amelia, and I'm going to tell you why.

Original Don- Major Lazer:
This song was played a lot when I went to LA, so now I simply associate it with my trip to LA. And it makes me feel things.

Sticks'n'Stones- Jamie T:
I remember on my journey from Manchester to Devon I listened tot his song a lot. And tried to learn the lyrics in the majority of my family holiday in Devon. It brings m back to this song, and the beginning of summer where I created a lot of memories. And for some reason the song really speaks to me. I can see a movie being based on this song.

Bubbles- Biffy Clyro/Five Seconds- Twin Shadow/Thank You- Dido/ White Flag- Dido/ Unwritten- Natasha Bedingtonfield: 
I remember listening to these songs and singing along out loud a lot on late night summer drives with my friend. And they always take me back to last summer. Good times. Really good times.

Skinny Genes- Eliza Doolittle:
 The whole Eliza Doolittle album reminds me of going on a drive up to Leeds to visit Grace with she was filming The Sparticle Mystery. It always takes me back there. Every single time.

I Hope I Become A Ghost- The Deadly Syndrome/ Don't Be AFriad, You're Already Dead- Akon/Family: 
  I listened to these songs after watching the world's greatest Dad with Robin Williams. The film really hit hard because there is the theme of suicide and this was after Robins death. But for some reason, the songs stuck with me. I listened to them a lot when I was writing and really influenced me with stories and my emotions too.

You To Me Are Everything- The Real Thing:
Someone really close sang this song to me in Karaoke. They made a whole announcement at busy pub, saying 'This song is for Amelia', and it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. I will always associate this song to that moment, and associate to how I felt.

Sexual- NEIKED, Dyo: 
It was a late evening, and I was on some grass, two of my friends sitting opposite on a park bench, and I started jamming out to this song, and full on dancing.  It was random. But it sticks in my mind. I like it.

A Decent Cup Of Tea- Frank Turner: 
When I was in a very low place a close friend of mine told me to listen to this song, I didn't. I wish I did, because it wasn't until I listened months later, and found out why he told me to listen to it. The song was so accurate to my situation at that time, and it felt like the song was about it. This song hits deep. It's special to me now

Porcelain- Red Hot Chilli Peppers:
Apparently, when a friend listened to this song it'd make them think of me. Because my skin is like porcelain, But it made them think of me for all the good reasons. Which is freaking cool. Porcelain is a really nice song, and the fact that someone can listen to a song and think of me is even nicer.

Untouched- The Veronicas:
This song I listened to a lot when I felt VERY single hahahah

There is a lot more songs, and I think this list of songs will only continue to grow as I find more of my tingle songs, so make sure you're following me on Spotify.  Also let me know if I should do another blog post on other songs that mean a lot to me. (I couldn't fit them all on here, or we'd be here all day). And lastly let me know some of your tingle songs, because I'm nosey as hell hahaha

Speak soon guys



What's happening to me?

Friday, 17 March 2017

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I'm freaking out.

I'm like woah.

What the fudge?
What the actual fudge?  Like the proper thick sickly fudge, that you get from those fudge shops in cute places like Bath or Windsor, the ones that have many different flavors, and if you're lucky you get to have free tasters. The fancy fudge.
What the fancy fudge? I am 20. Someone mentioned to me that I am half way to 40 and that shook me. Shook me real good. Like I'm shook mate. Real shook.

I'm currently learning to drive at the moment and that is shaking me enough as it is. I, Amelia Mandeville, am making the choice as an adult -ew that word doesn't feel right- to learn to drive, because it's what I need to do for practicality. And I'm finding myself stressing about money, how expensive it is, will I be able to afford a car? will I be able to afford insurance? It's very stressful, and I'm beginning to realise how much being an adult sucks. And this is only the beginning.


This must be what has led me to have this weird moment in which I call it 'my belated teenage rebellion phase.' I have recently had the sudden urge to have a huge change- chop my hair off, dye it purple, pierce my nose, change my wardrobe, wear bolder makeup, wear huge hoop earrings, wear all the fishnet tights, and all the fluffy coats.


I don't know. But something I have come to realise is, life is short. If you want to do something you should do it. Yes, life is where you should build a career, make yourself secure, stable, and safe, and have a future for yourself. But also life is for the living, having fun, creating memories, and doing what you want to do. And if I want to dye my hair purple so much that I keep dreaming about hair salons, I should probably do it. And yes I might regret it, and yes it might damage my hair, and yes is might look awful.... but let's remember I am half way to 40, if there's not a better time to dye your hair purple and make impulse decisions than now, I don't know when is.

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Speak soon guys



Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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I love Instagram, but one thing I dislike is the suggested 'Discover' feature. I always want to find more accounts to follow but whenever I head over to this feed I get overloaded by memes and nudity. Which is probably the main reason why I find it interesting when finding out who other people follow and so alike myself I hope you do too. Hence this blog post; 5 Instagram accounts I think are worth a follow.

If you don't know who the Kardashians and Jenners are then you need to up your reality Tv knowledge. If you don't know who Kirby Jenner is all is ok, but we will have to change this. Kirby Jenner is basically an account created by a photoshop genius. A fake fraternal twin of Kylie Jenner who photoshops himself into a ridiculous amount of Kylie photos and modelling shots. Not only are his photoshopping skills an art in itself but his captions also match.

I will dress like this couple when I'm older, I will I will. Kooples give this couple a modelling contract because they are amazing - I just want to give them one big hug.

If you're a dog lover you probably already follow this account. And if you're not a dog lover, you'll probably start to fall in love with them after looking through their feed - it's all about those fat labrador puppies.

Ever have one of those days where you just want to feel really small in the world? I don't think I actually do... but I'm sure somebody's told me they have at one point or another. And this account does exactly that. We are talking about some out of this world ariel and drone shots, I think my favourite one is of Burning Man - it's pretty insane.

The owner and creator of the image above, one very talented human being, and apparently someone who draws 'instead of panicking' (according to the bio) which makes me smile. I love the fact that someone can turn a worried mind into a beautiful piece of art, and that's exactly what you see all over this Instagram account. I'm a little bias because I love the image that's been drawn of me, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves this account. I suppose I only discovered this account because I was tagged in the above drawing, so make sure you tag me in your creations and pictures so I can discover you too!

So those are my favourites, what are yours? Help me out here and comment some below, as well as your own ofcourse!! -G,x